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NordVPN Review 2024: Speedy, But Is It Any Good?

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On the surface, NordVPN looks like a really impressive service. It claims to have a huge global server network, a speedy and reliable connection, and iron-clad security and privacy features. Plus, you can get it all for just $5.99/month. That all sounds great, but is there a catch?

To find out, I did an in-depth analysis of NordVPN. I tested its speeds and how well it performs when you’re streaming, torrenting, or gaming. Additionally, I dug deep into its security features, making sure it can truly keep you safe online. I also looked into its location, privacy policy, and independent audits to see how trustworthy it is.

Overall, NordVPN is a fast, safe, and reliable VPN. I got consistently fast speeds on nearby and long-distance servers, so I was able to enjoy various online activities without any lag or interruptions. NordVPN also has world-class security and privacy features, and it’s backed by a legit 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out without risk.

I did a deep dive into CyberGhost’s privacy policy and security measures to determine whether it’s secure enough to recommend. I also looked at its server network, speeds, streaming and torrent support, and additional features to see how user-friendly it is.

TLDR: CyberGhost is a really great VPN in almost all aspects. It’s safe, trustworthy, and one of the best VPNs to secure your connection while you watch your streaming platforms. It’s also really easy to use, so great if you’re a bit of a VPN newb.

It also offers a longer-than-normal money-back guarantee period, allowing you to try CyberGhost for free for 45 days. I made sure the guarantee is legit — it only took a couple minutes to approve my refund request over 24/7 live chat and a few days to get all my money back.

NordVPN Features — 2024 Update
Price 5.99 USD/month
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
Does VPN keep logs? No
Number of servers +6422
Number of devices per license 10
Kill switch Yes
Support 24/7 Live Chat Support
Confidentiality / Anonymity

Unlike other providers that offer only one or two security protocols and additional proxy as a paid add-on, NordVPN offers a host of powerful security protocols such as IKEv2, OpenVPN, WireGuard, and a free SOCKS5 proxy for app-level security. It also offers a kill switch feature that automatically ends your connection to a network that is being compromised by a cyber hacker or spy. They have a strict policy against logging and cooperating with law enforcement agencies. In addition, they have a feature aptly called WifiSec that skips annoying ads and blocks malicious and potentially harmful sites.

Speed and Reliability

One thing that turns people off from using a VPN service is that it can result in a speed loss of as much as 60-70%. After all, what use is being online when you can hardly do anything without your connection lagging? Thankfully, you won’t encounter any lags with NordVPN. We tested its speed by connecting to a US and UK server and noticed a small speed drop of between 5 to 10%, which is impressive.

Platforms and Devices

You won’t be disappointed by NordVPN’s promise that it has a VPN for ALL of your devices. It supports all major platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. They also offer encrypted proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Furthermore, there are plenty of options for manual configurations for some exotic platforms like Raspberry Pi and pfSense as well as for Windows XP, Blackberry, and plenty of other router firmware. What’s more, NordVPN allows 6 simultaneous connections which are good enough for an entire family, gadget freaks, or a small business.

Server Locations

Currently, NordVPN offers 5,522 servers in 58 countries which is more than enough coverage for your day-to-day VPN needs, even for the most advanced users. They even have coverage in other regions not covered by other vendors, such as Africa, the Middle East, India, and China.

Customer Service

We like that NordVPN offers a 24/7 live chat option that is accessible all throughout their website. They even offer Non-English chat support. We tried connecting to a support agent and threw him some basic and technical questions. His answers were direct, concise, and polite. Navigating the support page is also really easy with separate categories on FAQ, General Info, Billing, and Connectivity.

NordVPN currently offers 4 all-inclusive plans. You basically get the same features on every plan and the price varies depending on the length of your subscription. Understandably, the longer the commitment, the cheaper it gets. They have a month-to-month plan which costs $11.95. Commit to a 1-year plan and the monthly fee dwindles to $6.99 per month while a 2-year plan is available at $4.99 monthly. The 3-year plan is obviously the cheapest in the long run as you pay only $3.49 monthly, a huge savings of 70%! No matter which plans you choose, you are backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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